Toaster Wireframe and Interface

Image One: This is the wireframe for my proposed interface for How to Make Toast. Image Two: A simple layout for How to Make Toast, with the UI Feedback Overlay for a highlighted step (step one). Image Three: The highlighted hotspot/gestures for the interface.


User Personas

Lecture Pod Three

Summary Points: Patterns in Design. Patterns are present in screen design and can solve different types of problems. Patterns should not be the only way we work through solutions. Patterns must always be used appropriately. Reflection: Being able to recognise and understand the different patterns for on screen design is important for identify what might... Continue Reading →

Lecture Pod Two

Summary Points: Introduction to context. Context of use is different to context for use. There are different types of questions we must consider when dealing with interactive design. As designers we must use a range of tools, such as prototypes, to generate answers for these questions and use that information to our benefit. Reflection: Understanding... Continue Reading →

Lecture Pod One

Summary: Provides an overview of the meaning of interactive design and what influences it. There are three main questions of design and these can shape our understanding of design and how it is used. Reflection: From this lecture pod, I am able to understand that the purpose Interactive Design is to enhance everyday life. The... Continue Reading →

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