A mood board created for Dave Smith from his Xstensio persona.


Logo Review

The original design of my tittle screen had an unexpected religious look to it. I attempted to remedy it by change the style of the hand, but the end result was too cartoon like for my overall design.

Precedent Presentation

What is the interactive about?  • This interactive is about American sign language. • Designed to teach people a variety of different sign at differing levels of difficulty. Who is it designed for?  • Mostly for adults. • Offers course designed for teachers. • Offers courses for students as well. What knowledge does it assume... Continue Reading →

In Class Project Discussion

What is your project? My project is an application to teach people basic sign language. Who will be using it? My application will be targeted towards parents who have children with hearing difficulties. I will help teach both the parent and the child sign language and help them learn how to communicate. Where will they... Continue Reading →

Toaster Wireframe and Interface

Image One: This is the wireframe for my proposed interface for How to Make Toast. Image Two: A simple layout for How to Make Toast, with the UI Feedback Overlay for a highlighted step (step one). Image Three: The highlighted hotspot/gestures for the interface.

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