Who am I?

My name is Samantha. I am a second year student studying a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at Western Sydney University. I became interested Design as a way to use my improve my artistic skills for a future professional setting.

What is this blog?

This blog is an ongoing documentation of my Interactive Digital Media unit. I will be featuring reflections of lectured pods and examples of class work that is completed through out the semester. I will also be using this blog to keep track of influences and inspirations that will influence my course work.

What is Interactive Design?

Interactive Design is the process in which a designer creates an engaging interface for a chosen audience. This interface will often be made using web or app, and should create a positive experience between the audience and their artifact.

An interactive about energy consumption in the U.K.EvoEnergy. (28 July 2011). The Interactive UK Energy Consumption Guide. Retrieved from http://www.evoenergy.co.uk/uk-energy-guide/
A game that introduces a fun aspect of Google maps. Google. (Unknown). Cube a Game About Google Maps. Retrieved from http://www.playmapscube.com/
An informational page about Dunlop Tires. Dunlop. (2017), Dunlop. Retrieved from http://en.dunlop-tire.ru/

What is Information/Instructional Design?

Instructional Design is the process of creating an experience for a chosen audience that provides them with information. The way in which they are provided with this information should facilitate fast and effective learning.

Instructional images for how to warm up before swimming. Most Popular Workout Programs. (2017). Exercise for Beginners Archives Fitness Tips Health 2 Wealth. Retrieved from Dunlop. (2017), Dunlop. Retrieved from http://en.dunlop-tire.ru/
Images showing how to make a tire swing. Interactive Design. (2009). Examples of Information and Instructional Design. Retrieved from http://keepinglifeinterestingchloemartin.blogspot.com.au/2009/03/examples-of-information-and.html
Instructions on different sewing methods. Ford Illustration. (2017). Instructional Illustrations. Retrieved from http://www.fordillustration.com/Instructional-Illustrations



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