Lecture Pod Seven

Summary Points:

  • Introduction to User Interface Visual Design Patterns.
  • UI presents user with the necessary tool to complete their goal with an artifact.
  • Good UI needs a balance between aesthetics and interactivity.
  • UI should guide users through their experience, and it must provide a possitive experience.
  • Common Navigation Options:
    • Tabs:
      • Navigation
      • Module
    • Menus:
      • Horizontal Drop Down
      • Vertical Drop Down
      • Accordion Menu
    • Jumps in Hierarchy:
      • Shortcut Drop down
      • Fat Footer
      • Home Link
      • Bread Crumbs
    • Content:
      • Carousel
      • Event Calendar
      • Article List


This lecture pod goes through the importance on User Interface and its relation to User Experience. If an inappropriate Navigation option is used, users can become lost and frustrated with an artifact, leading to a negative user experience. Because of this is it vital to use a visual design pattern that meets the needs the user and and allows fluent navigation, whilst still providing them with information.


Lecture and Image: Sarah Waterson. (2017). GDIDM_POD07: 102265 Interactive Digital Media. [Video File] Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/161435877


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