Precedent Presentation


precedent1.2What is the interactive about? 

• This interactive is about American sign language.
• Designed to teach people a variety of different sign at differing levels of difficulty.

Who is it designed for? 

• Mostly for adults.
• Offers course designed for teachers.
• Offers courses for students as well.

What knowledge does it assume of the target audience i.e. digital literacy? 

• It assumes that its audience have intuitive navigation skills.
• Prior knowledge of sign language is also assumed.

Describe the type of user interactions, and the user interface. 

• User interactions are limited to basic point and click navigation.
• Signs are displayed using video.
• Users have the option to navigate through the videos.

What can you say about the visual design- layout, colour, and typography? How would you describe the style? 

• This website site a basic layout and colour design.
• It is comprised primarily of blue and white, with the yellow from their logo.
• It has a basic list set up for most of its pages.

What improvements would you suggest? 

• This site could be made to look more inviting.
• Space out text.
• Enlarge the logo so it can be read.


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