Lecture Pod Six

Summary Points:

  • Introduction to User Scenarios
  • User Scenarios are the story of how a persona interacts with an artifact.
  • Allows us to identify what they may look for and what they need.
  • A user scenario should outline the goals, expectations, motivations, actions and reactions of a persona.
  • User scenarios are foreseeable interactions, not predictions.


Lecture Pod Six introduces User Scenarios. A user scenario is essential to identifying how a persona will interact with an artifact. They help to test site structure and identify any issues that may arise and help to create a solution. User scenarios must be plausible in order to be effective, and when coupled with user personas, are pivotal in driving design.


Lecture and Image: Sarah Waterson. (2017). GDIDM_POD06: 102265 Interactive Digital Media. [Video File] Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/159734950


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