Lecture Pod Five

Summary Points:

  • Introduction to personas.
  • User and artifact personas are a representation of the goals and behavior of a proposed group of people.
  • User Persona:
    • User portfolios should cover many different aspects of a hypothetical user:
      • age
      • sex
      • likes/dislikes
      • personality
      • occupation
      • hobbies
      • behavior
      • goals
      • skills
      • attitudes
      • context
    • User persona can be used to hypothesize what interactions can be had with artifacts and what experiences can be had.
    • Mental Models: The thoughts that form around ideas and activities.
      • Mental models unveil the expectation of users and guides interaction patterns.
  • Artifact Persona:
    • Applying a persona to an artifact facilitates the development of the design and gives it context.
    • Generating experience key words inform the visual treatment of an artifact.
  • Personas should be the base step for all design projects.


Lecture Pod five highlights the importance of personas when designing for an audience. Personas are a fundamental tool for shaping the different interaction that can be had throughout an artifact for the audience you are catering to. If personas aren’t used in the initial stages of design, more work will be needed later down on the design track. Ultimately, persona help design artifacts with clear users in mind, and help develop successful projects that meet user needs.


Lecture and Image: Sarah Waterson. (2017). GDIDM_POD05: 102265 Interactive Digital Media. [Video File] Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/159734165


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