In Class Project Discussion

What is your project?

My project is an application to teach people basic sign language.

Who will be using it?

My application will be targeted towards parents who have children with hearing difficulties. I will help teach both the parent and the child sign language and help them learn how to communicate.

Where will they be using it?

This application will be used in a home environment.

Why will they use it?

Parents will use this application so they can learn more about sign language and how to interact with their children. They will the basic of sign language, like how to go through the alphabet so they can teach their children and together, learn how to communicate.



  • This application will help bridge a gap in communication.
  • It will help support families of children with hearing difficulties.



  • Setting up appropriate links between questions and responses could be difficult.
  • Needs more than one phrase for the mock up.

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