Lecture Pod Two

Summary Points:

  • Introduction to context.
  • Context of use is different to context for use.
  • There are different types of questions we must consider when dealing with interactive design.
  • As designers we must use a range of tools, such as prototypes, to generate answers for these questions and use that information to our benefit.


Understanding context is essential when using interactive design. In order to successfully create an interface that completes its purpose, we must ask a range of questions associated with our chosen design idea. We must know how, when, and why it will be used. As a designer we need to know the answers to these questions and so many more. The answers to these questions will help us understand the context of use and the context for use. For example, we must understand the situation in which the interface will be used, whether it is for leisurely use at home, or for quick use while out in public. Without this context, the final product will likely not function as intended, or offer no benefit to its users.


Lecture and Image: Sarah Waterson. (2017). GDIDM_POD01: 102265 Interactive Digital Media. [Video File] Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/159662636


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